Security for IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) security is most significant for the safe and reliable operation of IoT devices. Connected devices need to be secured throughout the device lifecycle, from the initial design to the operation.


In IoT, security must be ensured across the complete platform:

  1. Insecure Web Interface
  2. Insufficient Authentication/Authorization
  3. Insecure Network Services
  4. Lack of Transport Encryption
  5. Privacy Concerns
  6. Insecure Cloud Interface
  7. Insecure Mobile Interface
  8. Insufficient Security Configurability
  9. Insecure Software/Firmware
  10. Poor Physical Security

Secure Operating System

Apply automated hardening profiles to all devices. Apply the profiles once or regually. With VulcanoSec IoT Security Automation, a secure device fleet is at your command.

Secure Configuration

Add a layer to your infrastructure automation, which ensures every components security and compliance.

Secure Communication

Use secure communication channels and protocols for data transport between devices and cloud services.

Platform Integity Verification

With VulcanoSec, security can be ensured across the complete platform, ranging from devies to cloud environments.

Device Compliance

Use certified compliance profiles which are reviewed regularly to ensure the highest level of security. Automatically detect if devices are not configured accordingly.